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Welcome to BCR Consulting
The only real "Pay PER PERFOMANCE" credit repair specialists

What makes BCR Consulting a better credit repair company?

Get back your good credit


We offer our "Pay later deal"
BCR Consulting, the first company to offer a pay per deletion deal.

No large setup fee. No fixed monthly payments.  We want you to pay only for good results.

After you hire us, we get to work immediately. Your first payment is due seven days after the first derogatory items are deleted from your credit reports.

It's that simple.  Only $35.00 per item deleted.  No deletions, no payments!

Nobody else offers these terms.


We offer "Personalized Credit Repair"
Only a few companies in this industry do this. This means that we do not use generic dispute letters generated by a computer as 90% of the credit repair companies do.   We will assign a credit restoration specialist to your case.  This person will write those letters by hand, specifically for your case and will always be available if  you have any question or special instructions. You will always deal with the same person with no need to explain everything each time you call.


We are very effective credit repair company.
If there is a legal way of removing a derogatory item we will find it.
Our people have extensive credit repair experience.  We know  the credit laws and how to use them on your behalf.  We also have the expertise to know how different banks and institutions react to different situations.  This enables us to plan in advance the best strategy for any particular case.  We obtain results.  This is why we are able to offer such favorable payment terms.

Pay only for results, no upfront fees, no money down, no hideen fees

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