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BCR Consulting will never publish fake client's testimonials on our website. If you wish to write a review of your experience working with us, please do it at any consumer or credit site that is not related with our company.

Pay after deletions?

It is really simple and straight forward...

The best credit repair offer you'll ever have. Pay for deletion credit repair

At BCR Consulting, we believe that everybody deserves a second chance and we want to be the first ones to give you that new chance. We will begin working for you in exchange for your promise to pay for our work only when you are satisfied with our service. We are that confident on our effectiveness.

You will have a clear written contract along with our Warranty, including all terms and no fine print to review.

When you decide to work with BCR Consulting, there is...

  • • No deposit.
  • • No setup fee.
  • • A one-time, $99.00 analysis fee. Payable only if you are satisfied and choose to sign-on as a client.
  • • There is no charge for the first two items we get deleted for you.
  • • No fixed or recurring monthly payments.
  • • A written contract with all terms and conditions. No fine print.
  • • Nothing to lose, no risk involved.
  • • Only one level of service, no upgrades necessary. We will do all that we can for all of our clients.
  • • Unlimited personal dispute letters and unlimited Debt Validation.
  • • Personal customer support.
  • • Free, ongoing advice regarding your credit related issues.
  • • Cancel anytime, for any reason.
  • • Peace of mind.

You can tell us how fast you want us to work according to you budget. As you probably already guessed, we like to work fast. If you are in a hurry to restore your good credit, we are your best choice. We are willing to offer alternative payment plans customized to your specific needs.

We will produce an invoice after the completion of each round of disputes containing the results we achieved for you and the total price to pay (Our standard rates are here).

If at any point you are not 100% satisfied with us, and you have sent us a cancellation notice as stated on the contract, we will charge you only for the items we have worked on up to the cancellation date.

BCR Consulting is the first and so far the only company in the credit repair industry offering these terms. We are the original, pay for deletion credit repair company.

You can shop around, nobody else will offer to repair your credit under these terms. Before actually doing anything for you, other credit repair companies will usually ask for either full payment in advance, a big deposit, a setup fee, an analysis fee and after that a fixed monthly fee that you will have to pay every month regardless of the results they obtain.

Our client's full satisfaction is our main concern. Our motivation is aligned with yours, the way it should be.

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