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Here is a link to the complete text of Alaska Law, the most interesting parts for credit repair are as follow

Exempt from garnishment

– 75% of employee's weekly net income or $402.50, whichever is more.
Federal law applies if it provides a more generous exemption.


– Legal: 10.5% Judgment: 10.5% or contractual


– Sale of Goods: 4 years
– Written Contract: 6 years
– Domestic Judgment: 10 years
– Foreign Judgment: 10 years


– Can collect an amount equal to $100 or triple the amount of the bad check, whichever is greater, but never more than $1000 over the amount of the check

tape recording

One party state


– Cannot use federal exemptions, but can use the federal non–bankruptcy exemptions

Real state:

- Up to $54,000 if property used as a residence [9.38.010]

Personal property:

– Clothing, books, heirlooms, household goods, family portraits, and musical instruments up to $3,000 total [9.38.020(a)]
– Jewelry up to $1,000 [9.38.020(b)]
– Motor vehicle up to $3,000; market value cannot exceed $20,000 [9.38.020(e)]
– Implements, books or tools of trade up to $2,800 [9.38.020(c)]
– Building materials, unlimited amount [34.35.105]
– Burial plot, unlimited amount [9.38.015(a)(1)]
– Pets to $1,000 [9.38.020(d)]
– Proceeds for damaged or destroyed exempt property up to exemption amount [9.38.060]
– Wrongful death recoveries; personal injury to $1,000
– Health aids, unlimited amount [9.38015(a)(2)]

Insurance / Annuities:

Disability benefits, unlimited amount [9.38.015(b) and 9.38.030(e)(1) and (5)]
– Fraternal society benefits, unlimited amount [21.84.240]
– Medical, surgical or hospital benefits, unlimited amount [9.38.015(a)(3)]
– Insurance proceeds for personal injury or wrongful death up to wage exemption amount [9.38.030(e)(3) and 9.38.050(a)]
– Life insurance or annuity contract up to $10,000 [9.38.017 and 9.38.025]
– Life insurance proceeds if beneficiary is insured's spouse or dependent up to wage exemption amount [9.38.030(e)(4)]

Pensions / Retirement Plans:

– Elected public officers, unpaid benefits only [9.38.015(b)]
– Judicial employees, unpaid benefits only [9.38.015(b)]
– Other pensions up to wage exemption amount and only for payments being paid [9.38.030(e)(5)]
– Teachers, unpaid benefits only [9.38.015(b)]
– Public employees, unpaid benefits only [9.38.015(b) and 39.35–505]
– Retirement benefits deposited more than 120 days before filing bankruptcy, unlimited amount [9.38.017]

Public benefits / Entitlements:

– Unemployment compensation, unlimited amount [9.38.015(b) and 23.20.405]
– Workers' compensation, unlimited amount [23.25.160]
aid to families with dependent children and aid to aged, blind and disabled, unlimited amount [47.25.210 and 47.25.550]
Alaska longevity bonus, unlimited amount [9.38.015(a)(5)]
– Crime victims' compensation, unlimited amount [9.38.015(a)(4)]
– Federally exempt public benefits, unlimited amount [9.38.015(a)(6)]
– General relief assistance, unlimited amount [47.25.210]
– 45% of permanent fund dividends [43.23.065]
– Tuition credits under an advance college tuition payment contract, unlimited amount [9.38.015(a)(9)]


– Weekly net earnings to $350, unless sole wage earner in household, then up to $550; if paid monthly or semi–monthly, then up to $1,400 in cash or liquid assets paid in any month, unless sole wage earner in household, then up to $2,200 [9.38.030(a)(b) and 9.38.050(b)]


– Alimony up to wage exemption amount [9.38.030(e)(2)]
– Property of business partnership, unlimited amount [9.38.100(b)]
– Child support payments made by collection agency, unlimited amount [9.38.015(b)]
– Permits for limited entry into Alaska Fisheries, unlimited amount [9.38.015(a)(8)]
– Liquor licenses, unlimited amount [9.38.015(a)(7)]