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There are a few good reasons...


Your Satisfaction Comes First

We know all about the federal and state laws that regulate credit and banking.

We live for those codes and use them every day to help our customers. Always reading law, looking for something more to use on behalf of our clients

We are honest people.

We believe that 100% customer satisfaction is the most important thing for the company even if we loose a few bucks in a particular case. We believe that this policy is better in the long run than trying to make a fast profit every time no matter what. We will not have a disgruntled customer. That's our main policy.

We obtain results.

Many times when a creditor refuses to comply, we take it almost personal. In those cases, we will do anything legally possible to force compliance. In the rare cases they still refuse (after receiving our letters) you will have grounds to file a lawsuit. You can hire a consumer attorney on contingency and make the collector pay you instead of the other way around. We can refer you to the right attorney and document everything he would need in court.

We never do our credit repair in the lazy way many so called credit repair specialists do by merely sending disputes to the credit bureaus and hoping for the best. We dispute with the credit bureaus, the banks, the credit card companies and collection agencies with polite and legally solid letters, always hinting the threat of a lawsuit waiting to happen. This is very much a psychological game. Our way works.

We do not publish sample results from our customers on our web site. The proof of our results is in the terms we offer.  Only because we obtain good results can we offer our "Pay after deletions" deal to our credit repair clients.

No money down, we will bill you only for results